Finding the Right Movers

Hiring the right moving company can make your life a lot easier, but finding the right one from all the moving companies out there can be quite a challenge. It’s not just as simple as looking up “moving companies” in the phone book. Choosing a moving service is one of the most important decisions in the moving process, and should be done with extreme care.

First off, there are dozens of different kinds of moving companies: local movers, house movers, furniture movers, piano movers, and long distance movers are just a few of the many moving services available. Exactly what your move requires should dictate which sort of moving company you hire.

Then there’s pricing. Not all moving companies are created equal and neither are their price lists. Moving companies can, and often will, provide very different estimates for the same services rendered. Getting the best quotes from moving companies just by dialing your way through the yellow pages could take hours. And even then you wouldn’t be completely in the clear. Some unscrupulous moving companies will provide consumers with low estimates, only to tack on extra charges once you’ve signed with them.

So when you’re looking up moving companies, be sure to read the fine print, and take all the time you can to find the perfect mover. In the end, it will save you much time and many headaches.


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